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phlebotomine sandflies associated with a focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis in valle del cauca, colombia.a survey was made of the phlebotomine sandfly fauna of la guaira, a village with coffee plantations near cali, colombia, from which cases of american cutaneous leishmaniasis had been reported due to leishmania (viannia) panamensis and le. (v.) braziliensis. among six species of sandfly collected on human bait, lutzomyia youngi was most important in terms of biting nuisance. lu.columbiana, lu.lichyi and lu.scorzai as well as lu.youngi adults occurred throughout the year. sandfly man-biting activi ...19957548944
leishmania panamensis transmission in the domestic environment: the results of a prospective epidemiological survey in santander, colombia.domestic transmission now appears to be the principal route of leishmania panamensis infection in deforested regions characterized by the replacement of primary forest by permanent plantations, i,e coffee or cacao crops. this paper presents the results of the disease patterns in a representative population of the opón focus, in santander, colombia.200617361849
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