extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in enterobacteriaceae in buenos aires, argentina, public hospitals.resistance to extended-spectrum cephalosporins is often associated with plasmid encoded extended spectrum beta-lactamases (esbl). in order to evaluate the prevalence and diversity of esbls in enterobacteria in our city, a 1-month-period survey was carried out from april to may 2000. extended-spectrum-cephalosporin-resistant strains, isolated from inpatient clinical specimens other than stools, were collected among 17 participating hospitals. from a total of 427 enterobacterial strains that were ...200312936986
Acinetobacter baumannii is Able to Gain and Maintain a Plasmid Harbouring In35 Found in Enterobacteriaceae Isolates From Argentina.The aim of this study was to determine the presence of bla (CTX-M-2) in our A. baumannii population and their putative role as an alternative mechanism of resistance to third-generation cephalosporins in this species. The bla (CTX-M-2) gene is widespread among the Enterobacteriaceae isolates from our country; however, it was not found in 76 isolates A. baumannii non-epidemiologically related clinical isolates resistant to third-generation cephalosporins ...201122119898
[bact-alert automatized system for blood cultures: 5 vs 7 days of incubation. first argentine multicentre study].bact-alert automatized system for blood cultures: 5 vs 7 days of incubation. first argentine multicentre study. between january and december 2001, we analyzed 80,141 blood cultures by the bact-alert system (14,960 fan aerobics, 3,855 fan anaerobic, 11,114 standards aerobics, 11,367 standards anaerobic, 12,054 pediatrics and 26,791 fan pediatrics bottles) and 44.235 series from 27.615 patients at eight hospitals of buenos aires city, one of la plata city and three of the buenos aires province. a ...200415174746
"distribution and functional identification of complex class 1 integrons".the emergence of extended-spectrum β-lactamases and plasmid-mediated resistance to quinolones has been previously found to be associated with the dissemination of complex class 1 integrons in argentina. in this study, we analyzed their distribution through time and evaluated the functionality of the orf513 protein, which is the putative recombinase of the iscr1 mobile element. we investigated the presence of the orf513, blactx-m-2, dfra3b, qnrb10 and bladha-1 genes by pcr and dna sequencing as w ...201323838285
β-lactamases produced by amoxicillin-clavulanate-resistant enterobacteria isolated in buenos aires, argentina: a new blatem gene.resistance to β-lactam/β-lactamase inhibitors in enterobacteria is a growing problem that has not been intensively studied in argentina. in the present work, 54/843 enterobacteria collected in a teaching hospital of buenos aires city were ampicillin-sulbactam-resistant isolates remaining susceptible to second- and third-generation cephalosporins. the enzymatic mechanisms present in the isolates, which were also amoxicillin-clavulanic acid (amc)-resistant (18/54) were herein analyzed. sequencing ...201425444130
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