infective endocarditis in greece: a changing profile. epidemiological, microbiological and therapeutic data.the epidemiology, and clinical and microbiological spectrum, of infective endocarditis (ie) in greece was analysed in a prospective 4-year study in a tertiary hospital and a heart surgery centre in athens. in total, 101 cases of ie (71 men, 30 women, aged 54.4 +/- 17.1 years) were studied, with a follow-up period of 3 months. seventy-seven cases were definite and 24 possible; 59 involved native valves (native valve endocarditis; nve), 31 prosthetic valves (prosthetic valve endocarditis; pve), of ...200415191385
a retrospective analysis of isolates from patients with vaginitis in a private greek obstetric/gynecological hospital (2003-2006).vaginitis is a common cause of complaints in women in various parts of the world. through our literature search, we identified noteworthy differences in the etiology of vaginitis based on the geographic location. this study was conducted to describe microbial etiology in a population of symptomatic women with vaginitis in greece.200818376352
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