grape and environmental mycoflora monitoring in old, traditionally-cultivated vineyards on mount etna, southern italy.grape contamination by several fungal species occurs during a vineyard's pre-harvest and harvest. the agronomic management and microclimatic conditions can affect fungi occurrence and epidemiology thus explaining the qualitative differences in the mycoflora composition, including the presence of phytopathogenic or mycotoxigenic fungi. a two-year grape and air and soil mycoflora monitoring programme was undertaken in vineyards on mount etna (eastern sicily, italy). the mycoflora composition was i ...201626916978
chemical composition of the essential oil of bupleurum fontanesii (apiaceae) growing wild in sicily and its activity on microorganisms affecting historical art crafts.hydrodistillation of the flowers (bpfi) of and fruits (bpfr) of bupleurumfontanesii guss. ex caruel gave two oils that were analyzed by gc and gc-ms. the main components were α-elemol (16.7%), caryophyllene oxide (16.4%) and heptacosane (15.9%) in bpfl, and spathulenol (16.8%), caryophylladienol i (13.2%) and α-elemol (12.8%) in bpfr. a good antimicrobial activity against several microorganisms, including bacillus subtilis, staphylococcus aureus, fusarium oxysporum and aspergillus niger, all inf ...201626996033
a polyphasic approach to the identification of ochratoxin a-producing black aspergillus isolates from vineyards in sicily.aspergillus strains belonging to section nigri isolated during a two year survey in eight sicilian vineyards located on the slopes of mount etna (sicily, italy) were analysed analyzed in order to characterize species responsible for ochratoxin a (ota) contamination of grapes. the polyphasic approach permitted analysis of biodiversity of aspergillus isolates in relation to their morphology, ochratoxigenicity and genetic variability. we assessed ota production by a. carbonarius, a. niger, a. tubin ...200818687497
survey of human pathogenic actinomycetes and fungi in soil from rome and other italian part of a study sponsored by the ministry of health of italy, a research program on pathogenic actinomycetes, keratinophilic and pathogenic fungi in soil was carried out. two hundred soil samples, collected from different areas of the city of rome, calabria, emilia romagna, latium, apulia, sardinia, sicily, tuscany and umbria, were examined by several techniques to detect the widest possible variety of pathogenic actinomycetes and fungi. seven isolates of nocardia asteroides, four of actinoma ...19817012635
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