continuing presence of rinderpest virus as a threat in east africa, 1983-1985.the re-emergence of rinderpest virus in east africa in 1979 caused widespread outbreaks of disease and subclinical infection throughout the region until mid-1983. subsequent massive emergency vaccination campaigns have been successful in eliminating clinical rinderpest from tanzania and preventing its spread southwards. unfortunately the virus is still endemic in north-eastern uganda and has recently caused epidemic outbreaks with high mortality in cattle in that country. in kenya, buffaloes (sy ...19873824842
use of participatory epidemiology in studies of the persistence of lineage 2 rinderpest virus in east 1994, rinderpest virus of african lineage 2 was detected in east africa after an apparent absence of more than 30 years. in 1996, a disease search, based on participatory epidemiological techniques supplemented by serological and virological analyses, was undertaken in southern somalia and north-eastern kenya to collate past and current epidemiological information about rinderpest-compatible disease events, and to test the hypothesis that african lineage 2 rinderpest virus persists in populat ...200312790233
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