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vector competence of 7 rhipicephalid tick stocks in transmitting 2 theileria parva parasite stocks from kenya and zimbabwe.the competence of 7 different stocks of rhipicephalus appendiculatus and r. zambeziensis to transmit 2 different stocks of theileria parva was compared by feeding nymphae of each tick stock simultaneously on infected cattle and assessing the infections in the salivary glands of the resultant adult ticks. there were significant differences in the patterns of infection of the 2 stocks (t. parva muguga and t. parva boleni) in the different stocks of ticks, and these differences were shown to be rep ...19989651937
estimating seroprevalence and variation to four tick-borne infections and determination of associated risk factors in cattle under traditional mixed farming system in mbeere district, kenya.a cross-sectional study of serum antibody responses of cattle to tick-borne disease (tbd) parasites (theileria parva, theileria mutans, anaplasma marginale and babesia bigemina) was conducted on traditional smallholder mixed farms in mbeere district in kenya. the objective was to estimate the infections' seroprevalence and variation and identify associated risk factors. a total of 440 cattle in 80 farms, selected by stratified random sampling from the four divisions in the district, were surveye ...201020434227
environment and farm factors associated with exposure to theileria parva infection in cattle under traditional mixed farming system in mbeere district, kenya.the objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between seroprevalence to theileria parva infection in cattle and potential environmental and farm-level effects in 80 farms under traditional crop-livestock system in mbeere district, kenya. a standardized questionnaire was used to collect the effects characteristics as related to t. parva infection epidemiology. serum samples were collected from 440 cattle of all ages for detection of t. parva antibodies by the enzyme-linked immun ...201120835912
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