immunisation of cattle against theileriosis in coast province, kenya: laboratory evaluation of a theileria parva parva stabilate for use in 'infection and treatment' immunisation in the field.theileria parva parva marikebuni stock, previously shown to give good protection to immunised cattle in kilifi district, coast province of kenya, was chosen for large scale immunisation in the district. a large sporozoite stabilate was prepared and evaluated for efficacy and safety in the 'infection and treatment' method, using a long or short acting formulation of oxytetracycline. susceptible cattle were infected with selected doses of stabilate (10(0), 10(-1), 10(-1.7) and left either as untre ...19892508204
the effect of east coast fever immunisation and different acaricidal treatments on the productivity of beef cattle.a trial was performed on a farm in the coast province of kenya to study the effects of east coast fever immunisation and different acaricidal treatments on the productivity of immunised and unimmunised beef cattle. eighty cattle were immunised against theileria parva parva (marikebuni) by the infection and treatment method and a similar group was left as an unimmunised control. immunisation had no deleterious effect on the cattle. after immunisation, the immunised and control groups were each su ...19883143177
indirect fluorescent antibody test for experimental and epizootiological studies on east coast fever (theileria parva infection in cattle). evaluation of a cell culture schizont antigen fixed and stored in suspension.a schizont antigen for the indirect fluorescent antibody test against theileria parva was prepared from a t parva-infected bovine lymphoblastoid cell line by fixing the cells in suspension with a mixture of acetone and formaldehyde. the antigen was stored in suspension in phosphate buffered saline for one and a half years at -60 degrees c without loss of activity; the antigen could also be lyophilised. the fluorescence of the intracellular schizonts was bright and specific with t parva positive ...19826818649
seroprevalences of vector-transmitted infections of small-holder dairy cattle in coastal kenya.a cross-sectional study was carried out from july to september 1989 in kaloleni division, coast province, kenya to estimate the prevalence of vector-transmitted diseases in small-holder dairy cattle and to identify the risk factors associated with different management systems. one hundred and thirty of the 157 herds with dairy cattle in kaloleni division were surveyed. these were from three agro-ecological zones (coconut-cassava, cashew nut-cassava and livestock-millet), comprised two management ...200111566374
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