spatial and management factors associated with exposure of smallholder dairy cattle in tanzania to tick-borne pathogens.a cross-sectional study of serum antibody responses of cattle to tick-borne pathogens (theileria parva, theileria mutans,anaplasma marginale, babesia bigemina and babesia bovis) was conducted on smallholder dairy farms in tanga and iringa regions of tanzania. seroprevalence was highest for t. parva (48% in iringa and 23% in tanga) and b. bigemina (43% in iringa and 27% in tanga) and lowest for b. bovis (12% in iringa and 6% in tanga). we use spatial and non-spatial models, fitted using classical ...200516023121
a comparison of seroprevalence and risk factors for theileria parva and t. mutans in smallholder dairy cattle in the tanga and iringa regions of tanzania.a cross sectional serological survey was carried out in two geographical small-scale dairying areas of tanzania to determine the distribution and prevalence and to quantify risk factors for theileria parva and t. mutans during the period january to april 1999. the prevalence of serum antibodies to these two theileria parasites was determined using an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) technique. the results suggest that the parasites are widely distributed through out the two stu ...200717015024
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