[study on molecular epidemiology of borna disease virus in ningxia and vicinal regions].in order to investigate the epidemics of borna disease virus (bdv) in ningxia and its vicinal regions.200617152506
[research on the association between borna disease virus infection and the viral encephalitis.].to investigate the infection of borna disease virus (bdv) in unidentified viral encephalitis patients in ningxia in order to explore if the nucleotide sequence and amino acid sequence in bdv p24 were homophylic with the overseas standard strain. we also intended to investigate the correlation between bdv infection and the unidentified viral encephalitis patients from ningxia to lay an experimental basis for etiological diagnosis, prevention and treatment on certain human neuropsychiatric disorde ...200920193316
[construction of phylogenetic tree and sequence analysis on bdv p24 gene in both livestock and host in ningxia.]objective: to gain detailed insights into the borna disease virus infection and its genetic characteristics and phylogeny in ningxia, china. methods: bdv p24 segment were detected by fluorescence quantitative nested rt-pcr from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of 119 patients with viral encephalitis, 205 cattle, 978 sheep, 46 patients with cerebrovascular diseases and 13 patients with multiple sclerosis. data from phylogenetic analysis on bdv p24 positive samples together with those from the p ...201021215083
evidence for natural borna disease virus infection in healthy domestic animals in three areas of western china.borna disease virus (bdv) is a non-cytolytic, neurotropic rna virus that can infect many vertebrate species, including humans. to date, bdv infection has been reported in a range of animal species across a broad global geographic distribution. however, a systematic epidemiological survey of bdv infection in domesticated animals in china has yet to be performed. in current study, bdv rna and antibodies in 2353 blood samples from apparently healthy animals of eight species (horse, donkey, dog, pig ...201424573218
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