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leptospiral antibodies in wild living animals from north tyrol.the authors examined serologically 623 wild living animals (22 species) from north tyrol for the incidence of leptospirosis. positive reactions (mal) in the titre 1: 100 and more were found in 4.5% of the animals examined; the serotypes concerned were these: icterohaemorrhagiae, sorex-jalna, castellonis or arboreae, grippotyphosa, bratislava, pomona, sejroe, saxkoebing. positive reactions were obtained with the sera of sorex araneus, erinaceus europaeus, putorius putorius, vulpes vulpes, cervus ...1976780229
genetic variants of anaplasma phagocytophilum in wild caprine and cervid ungulates from the alps in tyrol, austria.the occurrence of genetic variants of anaplasma phagocytophilum was studied in wild ungulates from the northern and central eastern alps in tyrol, austria. for this purpose, spleen samples collected from 53 game animals during the hunting season 2008/2009 (16 roe deer [capreolus capreolus], 10 red deer [cervus elaphus], 16 alpine chamois [rupicapra r. rupicapra], 7 alpine ibex [capra i. ibex], and 4 european mouflons [ovis orientalis musimon]) were analyzed. thirty-five animals originated from t ...201121323423
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