[3 emerging protozoal infections in the netherlands: cyclospora, dientamoeba, and microspora infections].increased international travelling, an increased number of patients with immunosuppression caused by hiv infection, and renewed interest in known but little studied microorganisms, resulted in a more frequent finding of certain medically important parasites. three emerging protozoal infection, cyclospora cayetanensis, dientamoeba fragilis and microspora (enterocytozoon bieneusi and encephalitizoon) are causative agents of diarrhoea. encephalitozoon infections are also associated with hepatitis, ...19968618637
frequent occurrence of human-associated microsporidia in fecal droppings of urban pigeons in amsterdam, the netherlands.human-associated microsporidia were frequently observed in fecal samples of 331 feral pigeons in amsterdam, the netherlands, obtained during high- and low-breeding periods. thirty-six of 331 samples (11%) contained the human pathogens enterocytozoon bieneusi (n = 18), encephalitozoon hellem (n = 11), encephalitozoon cuniculi (n = 6), and encephalitozoon intestinalis (n = 1); 5 samples contained other microsporidia. pigeon feces can be an important source of human microsporidian infection.200818805997
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