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molecular characterization of human-pathogenic microsporidia and cyclospora cayetanensis isolated from various water sources in spain: a year-long longitudinal study.recent studies suggest the involvement of water in the epidemiology of cyclospora cayetanensis and some microsporidia. a total of 223 samples from four drinking water treatment plants (dwtps), seven wastewater treatment plants (wwtps), and six locations of influence (li) on four river basins from madrid, spain, were analyzed from spring 2008 to winter 2009. microsporidia were detected in 49% of samples (109/223), cyclospora spp. were detected in 9% (20/223), and both parasites were found in 5.4% ...201323124243
microsporidiosis in hiv-positive children in madrid (spain).a prospective study was carried out to determine the prevalence rates of microsporidiosis and other enteroparasites in hiv-positive children in the madrid area. hiv-positive pediatric patients from three hospitals were enrolled in the study. a total of 293 samples (158 stool and 127 urine) were collected from 83 children whose mean age was 6.3 years and had a mean cd4 count of 504.7/mm3 (range 1-2,220/mm3), 48 of whom suffered diarrhea at the time of the study. microsporidia identification was i ...19979580074
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