serological analysis and identification of feline calicivirus strains isolated in sicily.the isolation and characterization of calicivirus strains from symptomatic cats are reported. the correlations between the feline calicivirus strains isolated and the vaccinal strain fcv f9 were investigated by a virus-neutralization test, suggesting a strong antigenic variability.200212019733
feline calicivirus strains isolated in italy.feline calicivirus (fcv) has been recognised as major oral and respiratory pathogen of cats. the high correlation among the field viruses and fcv-f9 serotype has represented the immunological bases for the employ of fcv-f9 serotype as a vaccine for calicivirosis in cats. the aim of this paper was to evaluate, by in vitro neutralization assays, the antigenic correlation among the vaccine f9 and fcv field strains isolated in sicily (italy) from cats showing clinical forms referable to calicivirus ...200819227135
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