campylobacter enteritis on hopi and navajo indian reservations. clinical and epidemiologic features.from june 22 through september 30, 1981, stool specimens from 522 hopi and navajo outpatients were cultured because of diarrheal illnesses at the keams canyon indian health service hospital, arizona. campylobacter jejuni was isolated from the specimens of 26 (5%) of the patients. this pathogen was found as frequently as shigella in patients younger than 2 years or older than 20 years, but was significantly less common in the 2 to 20-year age group (p<.000001). campylobacter enteritis was indisti ...19846475040
binational outbreak of guillain-barré syndrome associated with campylobacter jejuni infection, mexico and usa, june 2011, a cluster of suspected cases of guillain-barré syndrome (gbs), which can follow campylobacter jejuni infection, was identified in san luis río colorado (slrc), sonora, mexico and yuma county, arizona, usa. an outbreak investigation identified 26 patients (18 from sonora, eight from arizona) with onset of gbs 4 may-21 july 2011, exceeding the expected number of cases (n = 1-2). twenty-one (81%) patients reported antecedent diarrhoea, and 61% of 18 patients tested were seropositive f ...201423924442
campylobacter enteritis: a large outbreak traced to commercial raw milk.from april 24 to may 11, 1981, an outbreak of approximately 200 cases of campylobacter jejuni enteritis occurred in arizona in persons who drank one brand of unpasteurized milk. two cohort studies showed that households with members who drank raw milk reported diarrheal illness significantly more frequently than those in which no one drank raw milk (p=.003 and p=.001; relative risk 4.70 and 3.85, respectively). of 19 serotyped c jejuni organisms isolated from persons who drank raw milk from the ...19827179958
campylobacter infections in the united states. results of an 11-state january 1982, 11 states (alabama, arizona, georgia, illinois, minnesota, new mexico, oregon, texas, vermont, washington, and wisconsin) began reporting monthly their isolations of campylobacter to the centers for disease control in atlanta. the information reported included the species of campylobacter organisms, the week of the report, the site from which the organism was isolated, and the age and sex of the infected person. a total of 3,966 isolates were reported in 1982, of which 3,900 wer ...19846087756
diarrheal illness among infants and toddlers in day care centers. i. epidemiology and pathogens.we conducted a 2-year prospective study of diarrheal illness in children ages 0 to 36 months in 22 day care centers in maricopa county, arizona. in 7464 child-months of observation, 465 sporadic cases and 170 outbreak-associated cases of diarrhea were identified. enteric pathogens were identified in 20% of diarrhea episodes. giardia lamblia, rotavirus, and campylobacter jejuni were the most common pathogens. giardia was significantly more common in toddlers than in infants and was found in 19% o ...19852995628
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