human campylobacter infection associated with certified raw milk.between may 27 and june 18, 1981, 50 individuals in 30 households in suburban atlanta, georgia, had a gastrointestinal illness caused by campylobacter jejuni. epidemiologic evidence strongly associated consumption of unpasteurized milk with illness. a culture survey confirmed fecal carriage of c. jejuni by cows in the implicated dairy and in a control dairy, but failed to document presence of the organism in the milk. the standard plate counts and leukocyte counts (two indicators of microbiologi ...19836837559
campylobacter spp. recovered from the upper oconee river watershed, georgia in a 4-year study.waterways should be considered in the migration routes of campylobacter, and the genus has been isolated from several water sources. inferences on migration routes can be made from tracking genetic types in populations found in specific habitats and testing how they are linked to other types. water samples were taken over a 4-year period from waterways in the upper oconee river watershed, georgia, to recover isolates of thermophilic campylobacter. the isolates were typed by multilocus sequence t ...201322945232
determination of the incidence of salmonella spp., campylobacter jejuni, and clostridium perfringens in wild birds near broiler chicken houses by sampling intestinal droppings.several methods were evaluated for collecting fecal and intestinal samples from wild birds found near broiler chicken houses. a few intestinal samples and cloacal swabs were obtained from european starlings and house sparrows. most of the samples collected consisted of wild bird droppings found on or near the houses. samples were collected from each of four farms of a broiler integrator during a grow-out cycle: a cycle in the summer for farm a, fall for farm b, and spring, summer, fall, and wint ...200011007026
campylobacter infections in the united states. results of an 11-state january 1982, 11 states (alabama, arizona, georgia, illinois, minnesota, new mexico, oregon, texas, vermont, washington, and wisconsin) began reporting monthly their isolations of campylobacter to the centers for disease control in atlanta. the information reported included the species of campylobacter organisms, the week of the report, the site from which the organism was isolated, and the age and sex of the infected person. a total of 3,966 isolates were reported in 1982, of which 3,900 wer ...19846087756
campylobacter enteritis at a university: transmission from eating chicken and from cats.campylobacter jejuni is the most common enteric pathogen isolated from university and college students in the united states. during the fall and winter quarters of the 1983-1984 academic year, the authors conducted a case-control study at the university of georgia, athens, georgia, to identify risk factors for c. jejuni enteritis. students with diarrhea whose cultures yielded c. jejuni were compared with controls matched by age, sex, and residence. a total of 45 case-control pairs were interview ...19873618583
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