campylobacter jejuni infection and guillain-barré syndrome: a case-control study. emilia-romagna study group on clinical and epidemiological problems in neurology.we performed a case-control study to investigate the association between campylobacter jejuni (cj) infection and guillain-barr| syndrome (gbs) or miller-fisher syndrome. we compared 60 cases with 109 hospital controls matched for age, gender, hospital and geographical location. to diagnose the cj infection, we considered the association between serologic positivity for cj and a previous diarrheal illness within 3 months of inclusion in the study. fifteen percent of cases versus 5% of hospital co ...19989890808
occurrence, removal and seasonal variation of "thermophilic" campylobacters in a sewage treatment plant in italy.monitoring of "thermophilic" campylobacters in a sewage treatment plant in bologna (italy) has shown that incoming sewage contained a most probable number of 1630 campylobacters/100 ml. the secondary treatment in activated sludge tanks reduced 98.61% of campylobacters, 95.32% of fecal coliforms, 96.46% of fecal streptococci, 93.36% of salmonellas and 93.01% and 88.29% of bod5 and cod respectively. subsequent tertiary treatment with 3 ppm of chlorine dioxide for 15 min reduced 100% of campylobact ...19921457031
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