characterization and antibiotic sensitivity of campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli isolated from children at the lagos university teaching hospital (luth), lagos, hundred and thirteen rectal swabs and 87 faecal samples obtained from the paediatric casualty of the lagos university teaching hospital, lagos, nigeria were processed for campylobacter jejuni/coli. twenty-two (11%) of the specimens were positive for c. jejuni. biotyping results showed that nine (41%) and eight (36%) belonged to c. jejuni biotypes i and ii respectively, while three (14%) and two (9%) belonged to c. coli biotypes i and ii. serotyping results revealed that c. jejuni biotypes i ...19892651685
screening of children for enteric bacterial pathogens in the outborn neonatal ward in lagos, nigeria.babies, on admission into a neonatal ward at the lagos university teaching hospital, had their rectal swab specimens examined bacteriologically and screened for enteric bacterial pathogens over a one-year-period at two-week intervals. it was found that on the average there were 3 (9.68%) enteric bacterial pathogens out of an average of 31 admissions at each screening period. the enteric bacterial pathogens isolated included: non-typhoid salmonellae, which accounted for 55 (80.88%) isolates out o ...19911915794
biotypes and serotypes among campylobacter jejuni strains in lagos. 19863568121
natural bactericidal activity of human serum against strains of campylobacter jejuni isolated in lagos, nigeria.the sensitivity of campylobacter jejuni strains la4, la12, la36, la53, la1214, la1308 and la1309 constituting the most prevalent strains of c. jejuni isolated in lagos, nigeria to the bactericidal activity of normal human serum was determined using microtiter technique. results obtained shows that only strains la 36 and la53 were serum resistant while others (strains la4, la12, la1214, la1308 and la1309) were serum sensitive. this finding is important epidemiologically and is the first report on ...19892805054
campylobacter jejuni antibody in patients with diarrhoea and asymptomatic individuals in lagos, nigeria.seventy patients with acute diarrhoea and sixty asymptomatic children in lagos, nigeria were screened for complement fixing and agglutinating antibodies to campylobacter jejuni in wells of microtitre plates using automatic microtitre pipettes. out of the seventy patients with acute diarrhoea, 55 (78.6%) had complement fixing antibody, while 48 (68.5%) had agglutinating antibody in their sera. twenty-nine (48.3%) and 21 (35%) out of the sixty asymptomatic children screened had complement fixing a ...19892743910
endotoxic activity and enterotoxigenicity of human strains of campylobacter jejuni isolated from patients in a nigerian hospital.limulus gelation assay and dermal schwartzman reaction provided a sensitive and reproducible means of testing the endotoxic activity of hospital strains of campylobacter jejuni in lagos, nigeria. all the 22 isolates of campylobacter jejuni tested for the limulus gelation assay were positive for the production of endotoxin. furthermore, the campylobacter suspensions caused a positive dermal schwartzman reaction in rabbits. the area of skin reaction was less extensive than that produced by escheri ...19892632005
gastroenteritis due to campylobacter jejuni in lagos, nigeria. 19854016913
the changing patterns of campylobacter jejuni/coli in lagos, nigeria after ten hundred and forty-five stool samples from children with diarrhoea at various health centres in lagos were investigated for campylobacter jejuni/coli. these organisms were isolated from 24 samples (16.5%). they were later biotyped as 23 c. jejuni and one c. coli. previous studies (3,6) recorded isolation rates of 5.2% and 11% respectively. no campylobacter species was isolated from 100 control patients who did not have diarrhoea. diarrhoea due to campylobacter jejuni/coli is still common in m ...19947828496
biotyping of campylobacter strains isolated in lagos, nigeria using the modified preston biotype.fifty-eight compylobacter strains were isolated from children with diarrhoea at various health centres in lagos and from healthy chicken. twenty-nine strains of campylobacter were isolated from humans, while the same number were isolated from chicken. the strains were biotyped using the modified preston biotype scheme. the preston biotyping results have been compared with the results of penner serotyping. out of fifty-eight strains studied, the technique identified ten strains (17%) as c. coli, ...19979167277
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