comparison of campylobacter jejuni pfge and penner subtypes in human infections and in water samples from the taieri river catchment of new determine the degree of overlap in strain types of campylobacter jejuni isolated from clinical cases and water samples from the taieri catchment in the south island of new zealand.200616834587
epidemiology, relative invasive ability, molecular characterization, and competitive performance of campylobacter jejuni strains in the chicken hundred forty-one campylobacter jejuni isolates from humans with diarrhea and 100 isolates from retailed poultry meat were differentiated by flaa typing. the bacteria were isolated in a specific geographical area (dunedin) in new zealand over a common time period. twenty nine flaa types were detected, one of which (flaa restriction fragment length polymorphism type 15 [flaa-15]) predominated among isolates from humans ( approximately 30% of isolates). this strain was of low prevalence (5% of ...200717921281
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