guillain-barré syndrome in south africa associated with campylobacter jejuni o:41 strains.over a 20-month period, 3 adult and 6 pediatric patients were diagnosed with guillain-barré syndrome (gbs) at groote schuur and red cross hospitals in cape town. all 9 gbs patients had campylobacter jejuni biotype 2, serotype o:41 in their stools. c. jejuni infection was confirmed by elisa testing of patient sera. strains of this sero-biotype are rare: only 12 such strains, including the gbs-associated strains, were recognized among 776 campylobacter strains isolated and identified at red cross ...19979396698
comparative genomic analysis of clinical strains of campylobacter jejuni from south africa.campylobacter jejuni is a common cause of acute gastroenteritis and is also associated with the post-infectious neuropathies, guillain-barré and miller fisher syndromes. in the cape town area of south africa, c. jejuni strains with penner heat-stable (hs) serotype hs:41 have been observed to be overrepresented among cases of guillain-barré syndrome. the present study examined the genetic content of a collection of 32 south african c. jejuni strains with different serotypes, including 13 hs:41 st ...200818431496
antimicrobial susceptibility in thermophilic campylobacter species isolated from pigs and chickens in south africa.campylobacter jejuni is one of the leading causes of sporadic food-borne bacterial disease in humans. in intensive poultry and pig rearing systems the use of oral antibiotics is essential to maintain health. consequently, there is a high risk for the thermophilic campylobacter jejuni and c. coli resident in the intestinal tract of food animals to develop resistance to commonly used antibiotics. contamination of meat or eggs with pathogenic strains of resistant campylobacter could, therefore, res ...201021526738
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