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microbiological hazard identification and exposure assessment of street food vending in johannesburg, south hundred and thirty-two samples of beef, chicken, salad and gravy were collected from two street vendors over eleven replicate surveys to assess microbiological safety and quality. for each food type samples were collected during preparation and holding. dish water was also collected and food preparation surfaces swabbed during preparation and display. standard methods were used to determine aerobic plate counts, enterobacteriaceae counts, coliform counts and spore counts. six hundred and sev ...200011078164
antimicrobial susceptibility in thermophilic campylobacter species isolated from pigs and chickens in south africa.campylobacter jejuni is one of the leading causes of sporadic food-borne bacterial disease in humans. in intensive poultry and pig rearing systems the use of oral antibiotics is essential to maintain health. consequently, there is a high risk for the thermophilic campylobacter jejuni and c. coli resident in the intestinal tract of food animals to develop resistance to commonly used antibiotics. contamination of meat or eggs with pathogenic strains of resistant campylobacter could, therefore, res ...201021526738
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