[research on parvovirus b19 infections and chronic articular manifestations in a tunisian hospital].parvovirus b19 infection is often associated with acute and chronic joint diseases thus suggesting an etiologic role for the virus in these pathologies. in this work, we looked for a possible correlation between parvovirus b19 infection and certain types of chronic inflammatory rheumatisms. we therefore, screened a population of 100 patients with different chronic inflammatory rheumatismal affections for serological markers of parvovirus b19 infection. all patients were tunisians of both sexes, ...200315941063
parvovirus b19 infection in tunisian patients with sickle-cell anemia and acute erythroblastopenia.human parvovirus b19 is the etiologic agent of erythema infectiosum in children. it is also associated with other clinical manifestations in different target groups. patients with chronic hemolytic anemia are at high risk of developing acute erythroblastopenia following infection by the virus. they usually become highly viremic and pose an increased risk of virus transmission. close monitoring of such high risk groups is required for epidemiologic surveillance and disease prevention activities. ...200717961236
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