equine rhinopneumonitis: more deaths--warning issued. 1979224565
equine rhinopneumonitis outbreak at newmarket. 1979224566
newmarket outbreak: indirect contacts to be traced. 1979228468
the dna sequence of equine herpesvirus-1.the complete dna sequence was determined of a pathogenic british isolate of equine herpesvirus-1, a respiratory virus which can cause abortion and neurological disease. the genome is 150,223 bp in size, has a base composition of 56.7% g + c, and contains 80 open reading frames likely to encode protein. since four open reading frames are duplicated in the major inverted repeat, two are probably expressed as a spliced mrna, and one may contain an internal transcriptional promoter, the genome is co ...19921318606
serological and virological investigations of an equid herpesvirus 1 (ehv-1) abortion storm on a stud farm in extensive outbreak of ehv-1 abortions occurred on a stud farm in england in 1985. of the 67 pregnant mares present on the stud farm, 31 were challenged with ehv-1, resulting in the loss of 22 fetuses or foals. laboratory investigations revealed that the spread of the virus closely followed movement of apparently healthy mares (during the incubation period of the infection). during the outbreak mares were challenged 1-4 months before the expected foaling date. there was no relationship between ...19872824770
development of pcr assays to detect genetic variation amongst equine herpesvirus-1 isolates as an aid to epidemiological investigation.a search for variable restriction sites has been carried out for equine herpesvirus-1 (ehv-1) in an attempt to develop markers which can be used to group epidemiologically related viruses into groups, and to learn more about the dynamics of ehv-1 disease. crude viral dna extracts of ehv-1, prepared by hirt extraction, were digested with alui, haeiii, or rsai, and southern blotted following electrophoresis. dna fingerprints, produced by probing the southern blots with the ehv-1 ecor1-i fragment, ...19957769032
clinical, serological and virological characteristics of an outbreak of paresis and neonatal foal disease due to equine herpesvirus-1 on a stud outbreak of equine herpesvirus-1 (ehv-1) occurred on a large stud farm with 133 mares, 54 foals and four stallions, and at least 85 mares, 22 foals and three stallions were infected. clinical disease was observed in 16 mares, two stallions and 13 foals and the predominant clinical signs were scrotal oedema, ataxia and loss of libido in the stallions, ataxia and recumbency in the mares and uveitis and nasal discharge in the foals, although pneumonia and colic with intussusception were also rec ...19957900264
ehv paralytic disease in the south of england. 200312708596
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