targeted screening as a tool for the early detection of chronic q fever patients after a large the aftermath of the dutch q fever outbreak, an increasing number of patients are being diagnosed with chronic q fever. most of these patients are unaware of being infected with coxiella burnetii, the causative agent of q fever. to find patients in an earlier, asymptomatic stage, a targeted screening strategy (tss) for patients with risk factors for chronic q fever was started in the southeast region of noord-brabant. in total, 763 patients were tested using an igg phase ii indirect fluoresce ...201323010905
sustained intensive transmission of q fever in the south of the netherlands, 2009.the netherlands is again facing a sharp increase in q fever notifications, after the unprecedented outbreaks of 2007 and 2008. the most affected province of noord brabant has a high density of large dairy goat farms, and farms with abortion waves have been incriminated. mandatory vaccination of small ruminants has started and should have an effect in 2010. a large multidisciplinary research portfolio is expected to generate better knowledge about transmission and additional control measures.200919442401
[an outbreak of q fever in the netherlands--possible link to goats].in 2007, 73 cases of q fever were identified through reports and retrospective analyses; the affected region extended from tilburg in the southwest to arnhem in the northeast. the infections arose in late spring, particularly in may and june. several spontaneous abortions due to q fever occurred on 4 dairy goat farms in the same region. the national incidence of spontaneous abortion due to q fever was 6 cases in 2006 and 7 in 2007. climatically, this southern region was extraordinarily dry durin ...200717953175
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