epidemics of q fever in poland in 1992-1994.from 1992 till the end of 1994, three epidemics of q fever among people have been recognised in poland. in 1992 the outbreak of q fever was detected at the farm near jawor in legnica district. coxiella burnetii infection was recognized serologically in 25 persons (27 tested). titres of serum antibodies ranged from 8 to 256. it has been found that cattle were the source of human infection. c. burnetii strain has been isolated from the bull semen. in the same year, q fever was recognized among 18 ...19968673797
q fever outbreaks in poland during 2005-2011.q fever is a health problem affecting humans and animals worldwide. in poland, previous studies have pointed to 2 sources of outbreaks of the disease: the importation of infected animals and their products, and natural domestic foci. in the last decade, 5 outbreaks have occurred in cattle farms in south poland in malopolskie, podkarpackie, opolskie, and silesian provinces. the aim of this study was to characterize the q fever foci in poland.201324284912
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