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[frequency of pathogenic enterobacteria in infantile diarrheic processes in the city of recife, pernambuco, brazil].326 samples of diarrheal feces obtained from children whose ages ranged from zero to 5 years, admitted in two rehydration hospitals in the city of recife, pernambuco, were analyzed. feces were placed in cary-blair medium (4 degrees c) for shipment to the laboratory. there was no difference in the rate of bacteria isolation if the samples were analyzed within the period from 3 to 7 days of collection. 19.02% of the analyzed samples were positives for at least one of the searched bacteria, 26 salm ...19883078349
[the absence of yersinia enterocolitica in foods and animal reservoirs in areas of the state of pernambuco, brazil].a search for the presence of enteropathogenic bacteria in fresh vegetables obtained in 5 restaurants from the city of recife, revealed neither yersinia enterocolitica nor other pathogenic bacteria in 96 samples analyzed. furthermore, y. enterocolitica was not found in the oral and rectal swabs taken from 15 apparently healthy pigs at an abattoir in the municipality of bonito in the pernambuco state. another search in which twenty one rodents from four species and one marsupial specimen were exam ...19979273565
[isolation of pathogenic bacteria in pasteurized type c milk sold in recife city, pernambuco, brazil].in order to improve information about the microbiological quality of the milk commercially available in the city of recife, 250 samples of pasteurized type-c milk and 50 samples of raw milk were analyzed for yersinia enterocolitica and listeria monocytogenes and verify the possible occurrence of yersinia enterocolitica and listeria monocytogenes. these bacteria can develop in refrigeration temperatures and are responsible for food-born diseases. neither y. enterocolitica nor l. monocytogenes wer ...200111391438
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