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[microbiological pollution of the environment due to breeding. i. enterobacteriaceae due to cattle breeding].enterobacteriaceae from faeces of cattle belonging to four cattle farms situated in the ferrara district were investigated. at the same time, investigation was made of effluent sewage and recipient wells (upstream and downstream). the cattle (of the italian frisona breed) resulted uncontaminated by salmonellae, but proved to be very susceptible to arizona, citrobacter, shigella and s. gallinarum-pullorum infections, coming from the environment. predominant species in faeces were as follows: prot ...1977911464
[asymptomatic carriers of yersinia enterocolitica in the province of ferrara]. 19807236366
first isolation in ferrara (italy) of yersinia enterocolitica from stools in a case of infantile enteritis. 19817326106
[gram-negative flora of horticultural produce destined for consumption mainly in the raw state].a survey has been carried out to evaluate the recovery of enterobacteriaceae in freshly consumed horticultural products. 64 samples of these vegetables random chosen in different stores in the general vegetable market of ferrara have been examined among the families of compositae (lettuce, prickly lettuce, cabbage lettuce, common chicory, artichoke), umbrelliferae (curly parsley, carrot, celery, fennel), cruciferae (garden cabbage, red radish), liliaceae (onion), and solanaceae (tomato). 654 bac ...19892483908
occurrence of gram-negative bacteria in drinking water undergoing softening treatment.a study was carried out on the presence of gram-negative bacteria in the municipal waters of bologna (italy) undergoing softening using domestic ion exchangers with an automatic disinfection mechanism. the softening process was seen to cause a 15 fold increase in 22 degrees c and 36 degrees c heterotrophic plate counts. there was a 30 fold increase in gram-negative bacteria and their number correlated directly with temperature and inversely with active residual chlorine. organic matter had no ef ...19979636986
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