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[yersinia enterocolitica in fresh and packaged meats].in these last years it was observed an increased frequency of human infections by y. enterocolitica supported mostly in europe by serotype 0:3 and 0:9, and by serotype 0:8 in u.s.a. as far as it is concerned the transmission form to man, in addition to the possible infection between men, the one from animal to man and the one consequent on water use, most important suspicions are about foods derived from infected animals or however contaminated by man (fresh or preserved or processed meat, milk ...19892484479
pathogenic microorganisms carried by migratory birds passing through the territory of the island of ustica, sicily (italy).several studies have shown that migratory birds play an important role in the ecology, circulation and dissemination of pathogenic organisms. in october 2006, a health status evaluation was performed on a large population of migratory birds passing through the territory of ustica (italy), an island located on the migration route of many species of birds to africa, and various laboratory tests were conducted. in total, 218 faecal swabs and the internal organs of 21 subjects found dead in nets wer ...201121812720
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