epidemiological data on pathogenic yersinia enterocolitica in southern germany during 2000-2006.yersinia enterocolitica is the most common species causing enteric yersiniosis, which is still the third most frequently reported foodborne gastroenteritis in europe. y. enterocolitica generally causes sporadic human infections, and outbreaks are rare. the most important infection source of yersiniosis is believed to be contaminated pork and pork products. data on the prevalence of pathogenic y. enterocolitica in animals and foodstuffs are very limited and old; thus, more information on the exte ...200818564908
occurrence of zoonotic clostridia and yersinia in healthy cattle.zoonotic pathogens are a frequent cause of disease worldwide. this study was designed to determine the occurrence of clostridium difficile, clostridium botulinum, and yersinia enterocolitica in cattle in southern bavaria, germany. the study population included 49 farms; 34 were dairy farms (30 also fattening beef cattle) and 15 were solely beef cattle farms. fecal and dust samples were collected from summer 2011 to summer 2012 and analyzed using a combination of enrichment procedures and real-ti ...201324112568
[isolation of yersinia enterocolitica from drinking water in south bavaria].2429 samples of drinking water supplies in south bavaria were examined for yersinia between october 1982 and march 1983. yersinia enterocolitica was isolated from 82 of 1650 samples of central water supplies and from 42 of 779 samples of decentralized water supplies. only three of these strains were serotype o3 but indole-positive and different by that from the indole-negative human pathogenic serotype o3 which is most frequent in western europe. no strain was serotype o9. y.e. was more often is ...19846524147
qualitative and quantitative detection of human pathogenic yersinia enterocolitica in different food matrices at retail level in bavaria.yersinia enterocolitica is a major foodborne pathogen and the third most important bacteriological cause of diarrhea in germany. however, studies investigating the occurrence of human pathogenic y. enterocolitica in food at the retail level are very rare. most of the studies published so far show qualitative but not quantitative data concerning the prevalence of this human pathogen. in this study the qualitative and quantitative assessment of human pathogenic y. enterocolitica in different food ...201021034270
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