[the clinical significance of yersiniosis. i. results from 3 years of systematic studies on yersinia enterocolitica infections in the copenhagen area]. 19751135958
acute gastroenteritis in children attending day-care centres with special reference to rotavirus infections. i. aetiology and epidemiologic aspects.acute gastroenteritis (ge) among 214 children (aged 6 months-7 years) attending day-care centres (ddcs) in the copenhagen county was studied during a 12-month period. a total of 197 cases of ge was observed in 109 children (i.e. 51% of the participants). the aetiology was as follows: rotavirus (n = 48) (24%), pathogenic bacteria (n = 11) (6%), giardia lamblia (n = 3) (2%), while the aetiology of 68% remains unknown. the pathogenic bacteria included yersinia enterocolitica, thermophilic campyloba ...19873661178
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