yersinia enterocolitica is a common cause of gastroenteritis in auckland.infections with yersinia enterocolitica are a significant cause of gastroenteritis in many countries, however, little information is available on the incidence of human disease in new zealand. a study was performed between january 1988 and december 1993 to investigate aspects of the epidemiology of yersiniosis in the auckland region including prevalence, age and sex distribution, strain definition and seasonal occurrence.19957637924
transfusion transmitted yersinia enterocolitica infection in new update and summarise cases of transfusion-transmitted yersinia enterocolitica infection in new zealand and to evaluate critically suggested methods to reduce this rare but frequently fatal complication of blood transfusion.19979079256
a case-control study of yersinia enterocolitica infections in identify major risk factors for yersinia enterocolitica (ye) and identify measures to reduce ye infections.199910575769
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