a large outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by diarrheal toxin-producing bacillus outbreak of diarrhea occurred after a university field day. of 643 attendees who returned mailed questionnaires, 139 (22%) reported illness. persons who ate barbecued pork, which was unrefrigerated for 18 h after cooking, were five times more likely to become ill than those who did not eat pork (26% vs. 5%; relative risk, 5.4; 95% confidence interval, 1.4-20.9). a leftover pork sample grew a bacillus cereus isolate, > 10(5) cfu/g, that produced diarrheal toxin. thirty-four percent of ill pers ...19938501338
large-scale screening of nasal swabs for bacillus anthracis: descriptive summary and discussion of the national institutes of health's october 2001, a letter containing a large number of anthrax spores was sent through the brentwood post office in washington, d.c., to a united states senate office on capitol hill, resulting in contamination in both places. several thousand people who worked at these sites were screened for spore exposure by collecting nasal swab samples. we describe here a screening protocol which we, as a level a laboratory, used on very short notice to process a large number of specimens (3,936 swabs) in o ...200212149367
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