seasonal outbreak of bacillus bacteremia associated with contaminated linen in hong kong.a high seasonal incidence of bacillus bacteremia was associated with the use of contaminated hospital linens.201728475782
diversity of biosurfactant producing microorganisms isolated from soils contaminated with diesel oil.biosurfactant production is a desirable property of hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms (hdm). we characterized biosurfactant producing microbial populations from a long beach soil, california (usa) and a hong kong soil (china), contaminated with diesel oil. a total of 33 hydrocarbon-utilizing microorganisms were isolated from the soils. twelve isolates and three defined consortia were tested for biosurfactant production and emulsification activity. the highest reduction of surface tension was ...200516035236
fatal meningoencephalitis due to bacillus anthracis.we report the first case of fatal anthrax meningoencephalitis in hong kong over the past 60 years. a 13 year-old boy presented with right lower quadrant pain, diarrhoea and progressive headache. lumbar puncture yielded gram positive bacilli initially thought to be bacillus cereus, a contaminant. he was treated with ampicillin and cefotaxime, but died 3 days after hospitalization. the organism isolated from blood and cerebrospinal fluid was later identified as bacillus anthracis.19979484689
characterization of contamination in and toxicities of a shipyard area in hong kong.this is the first integrated study on the contaminant characterization and toxicities of a shipyard area. this site in hong kong contained 3.6-33.4 mg kg(-1) dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and 5-79 g kg(-1) oil and grease. other pollutants exceeding the dutch intervention values were total polyaromatic hydrocarbons, total petroleum hydrocarbons, and metals cu, pb and zn. these pollutants persisted partially owing to the poor fertility with <125 mg n kg(-1) and <530 mg p kg(-1) typical of coasta ...200616360247
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