the mountain meadows massacre and "poisoned springs": scientific testing of the more recent, anthrax has been recorded that one of the possible causes that eventually escalated into the 1857 manslaughter at mountain meadows in southern utah was the poisoning of an open spring by the fancher-baker party as they crossed the utah territory on their way from arkansas to california. historical accounts report that a number of cattle died, followed by human casualties from those that came in contact with the dead animals. even after the arkansas party departed, animals continued to perish and peop ...201322395921
legal and public policy responses of states to late 2001, during the aftermath of the anthrax letter attacks, model legislation was proposed to relevant state agencies to update their states' public health laws to meet the threat of bioterrorism. this legislation was the model state emergency health powers act. a concern underlying this and related efforts to address future bioterrorism threats was the perceived inadequacy of state laws to respond effectively when such threats occur. we evaluated how 4 states--utah, maine, south dakota, a ...200415226125
automated syndromic surveillance for the 2002 winter olympics.the 2002 olympic winter games were held in utah from february 8 to march 16, 2002. following the terrorist attacks on september 11, 2001, and the anthrax release in october 2001, the need for bioterrorism surveillance during the games was paramount. a team of informaticists and public health specialists from utah and pittsburgh implemented the real-time outbreak and disease surveillance (rods) system in utah for the games in just seven weeks. the strategies and challenges of implementing such a ...200312925547
anthrax threats: a report of two incidents from salt lake city.the threat of anthrax as an agent of bioterrorism in the u.s. is very real, with 47 incidents of possible exposure involving 5664 persons documented by the federal bureau of investigation over a 14-month period in 1998 and 1999. the highly visible and potentially devastating effects of these threats require a well-coordinated and well-organized emergency medical services (ems) and emergency department (ed) response to minimize panic and reduce the potential spread of an active and deadly biologi ...200010699528
analysis of suspicious powders following the post 9/11 anthrax scare.following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, set environmental, inc., a chicago-based environmental and hazardous materials management company received a large number of suspicious powders for analysis.200818570168
epidemiologic and laboratory investigations of bovine anthrax in two utah counties in 1975. 1977847090
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