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ecology of anthrax. 19714996306
taking the terror out of bioterrorism: planning for a bioterrorist event from a local perspective.there is a growing concern in the public health community over the potential for domestic biological and chemical acts of terrorism. these types of events do not respect city limits, county lines, or other geopolitical borders and pose a unique challenge for local health departments that have a critical role in detecting, preparing for, and responding to such events. because direct support for most public health service, including bioterrorism preparedness, occurs primarily at the local level, t ...200010977608
when bioterrorism strikes: communication issues for the local health department.public health preparedness is a multifaceted planning process that becomes grounded in a response plan and in effective communications, internal and external. this article describes an incident when the presence of anthrax spores was detected in a postal facility within kansas city, missouri, and discusses the communications issues faced by the kansas city health department (kchd). this incident provided the kchd the first opportunity to operationalize its incident management system-based respon ...200516210684
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