investigation of an anthrax outbreak in alberta in 1999 using a geographic information system.a geographic information system was used to document an anthrax outbreak in alberta in 1999 and to describe the physical and environmental conditions of the area. the majority of infected farms were located on poorly drained organic soils. regulatory agencies should consider adopting this tool for animal disease outbreak investigations.200312715984
a review of anthrax in canada and implications for research on the disease in northern bison.during the first half of the century, the majority of anthrax outbreaks in canada occurred in the southern portions of ontario and quebec and were often associated with pastures contaminated by effluent from textile industries dealing with imported animal materials. in 1952, introduction of federal regulations requiring disinfection of these materials greatly reduced the incidence of anthrax in eastern canada. since 1962, domestic outbreaks of the disease have been reported almost exclusively in ...199910475950
anthrax in northern alberta. 19969111698
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