outbreak of human anthrax in ramabhadrapuram village of chittoor district in andhra pradesh.thirty human anthrax cases were reported from ramabhadrapuram village of chittoor district in andhra pradesh during november-december, 1989. these cases occurred following an epizootic of anthrax among cattle and sheep of the village and ingestion of contaminated meat by the villagers. the overall attack rate was 24.39 per cent with a case fatality of 16.67 per cent. all age groups and both sexes were affected. ten cases were of cutaneous form with typical black eschar formation which were confi ...19902091991
an outbreak of anthrax meningoencephalitis.we report a common-source outbreak of anthrax meningoencephalitis in chittoor district in andhra pradesh, southern india, in october 1990. the source of infection was the carcass of a sheep. of 5 persons who skinned and cut up its meat for human consumption, 4 developed anthrax meningoencephalitis and one a malignant pustule. another person who wrapped the meat in a cloth and carried it home on his head developed a malignant pustule on his forehead and also meningoencephalitis. all subjects with ...19948036676
emerging & re-emerging bacterial pathogens in spite of major successes against infectious diseases in the 20th century, new infectious diseases have emerged and old ones re-emerged in recent decades in different parts of the world. a brief survey of emerging and re-emerging bacterial diseases of public health importance in india is presented in this paper. plague re-appeared in two outbreaks in maharashtra and gujarat in 1994, indicating a breakdown of the public health measures that had prevented its occurrence for several decades. lept ...19968926026
an outbreak of cutaneous anthrax in a non-endemic district--visakhapatnam in andhra pradesh.anthrax is a disease of herbivorous animals, and humans incidentally acquire the disease by handling infected dead animals and their products. sporadic cases of human anthrax have been reported from southern india.200516394383
cutaneous anthrax in a remote tribal area--araku valley, visakhapatnam district, andhra pradesh, southern india. 200717214721
a mini-outbreak of cutaneous anthrax in vizianagaram district, andhra pradesh, india. 200919584478
outbreak of cutaneous anthrax in musalimadugu village, chittoor district, andhra pradesh, india, july-august august 2011, chittoor district authorities reported a cluster of suspected human anthrax cases to the andhra pradesh state surveillance unit. we investigated this cluster to confirm its etiology, describe its magnitude, identify potential risk factors, and make recommendations for preventing similar outbreaks in the future.201223103890
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