ticks (ixodidae) parasitizing humans in four provinces of north-western four provinces of north-western argentina (catamarca, jujuy, salta and tucumán), between march 1976 and march 1990, 514 ticks were found on humans. they were identified as rhipicephalus sanguineus group (1 male), boophilus microplus (6 male, 1 female), amblyomma parvum (9 male, 13 female), a. cajannense (35 male, 30 female, 81 nymphs), a. neumanni (33 male, 41 female, 144 nymphs) and amblyomma spp. (10 nymphs, 110 larvae). most of the ticks were from the phytogeographical region of chaco, one ...19911809248
predation of ticks of the rhipicephalus sanguineus (latreille, 1806) group and boophilus microplus (canestrini, 1888) (acari: ixodidae) by nothura temminck, 1815 (aves: tinamidae) in salta, argentina. 19911937269
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