spotted fever group rickettsia in brown dog ticks rhipicephalus sanguineus in southwestern spain.a total of 2,229 adults ticks (1,428 males and 801 females) belonging to the brown dog tick, rhipicephalus sanguineus latreille, 1806, collected from dogs in seville province (andalusia), distributed in 500 lots ranging from one to eight specimens per lot, were examined for the presence of rickettsiae by molecular techniques. specific rickettsiae dna were detected in 90 lots (18%) of ticks tested. sequence analysis of amplicons revealed that r. sanguineus ticks were infected exclusively with ric ...200818340465
spotted fever group rickettsia in ticks from southeastern spain natural parks.during an 8-years study, we collected from vegetation or domestic and wild mammals 1246 ticks (624 males, 511 females and 111 nymphs) belonging to 13 species in jaen province (andalusia) and we analyzed these ticks by pcr and sequencing for the presence of rickettsiae. specific rickettsiae dna was detected in 243 (19.5%) of the ticks tested. sequence analysis of amplicons of glta, ompa and ompb genes revealed that ixodes ricinus were infected with r. monacensis, including strain irs3, and r. hel ...200818677442
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