tick infestation of dogs in thessaloniki, northern greece.ticks were collected from 249 dogs, admitted over a one-year period (1996-1997) to a veterinary teaching hospital and four private veterinary practices located in the county of thessaloniki, greece. a total of 2812 ticks (acari: ixodidae) were collected, of which 2511 (89.3%) were rhipicephalus sanguineus (latreille) adults (1070 males, 1441 females), 156 (5.5%) r. turanicus pomerantsev adults (35 males, 121 females), 100 (3.6%) rhipicephalus spp. nymphs and 45 (1.6%) rhipicephalus spp. larvae. ...200312680933
seroprevalence of equine piroplasms and host-related factors associated with infection in greece.serum samples were collected from a total of 544 equids that included 524 horses, 13 mules, and 7 ponies from various regions of mainland greece and were examined by competitive-inhibition elisa (celisa) to evaluate the level of exposure of greek equids to theileria (babesia) equi and/or babesia caballi, the causative agents of piroplasmosis. association between seropositivity and host-related factors of species, gender, age, origin, activity and location were investigated. the overall seropreva ...201020138434
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