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genetic diversity of cryptosporidium spp. in cattle in michigan: implications for understanding the transmission dynamics.epidemiological and molecular data on 248 bovine, 17 human, and 16 water samples of cryptosporidium spp. collected from the lower peninsula of michigan between 1997 and 2000 were analysed. cryptosporidium parvum bovine genotype and cryptosporidium andersoni were found in 56 and four cattle samples, respectively. a total of six c. parvum subgenotypes were found in 34 bovine samples, and five of the eight farms had two or three subgenotypes in cattle. six water samples from these farms had c. ande ...200312783304
distribution of cryptosporidium parvum subtypes in calves in eastern united states.cryptosporidium parvum dna from 175 neonatal calves on 16 farms in eight eastern states in the united states was subtyped by sequence analysis of the 60-kda glycoprotein gene to determinate the parasite genetic diversity. six subtypes of the iia subtype family were found. subtype iiaa15g2r1, which is the predominant c. parvum subtype in calves in many parts of the world, was identified in 77% of the c. parvum dna from calves. several farms had more than one c. parvum subtype and a few calves had ...200717024351
outbreak of cryptosporidiosis associated with a firefighting response - indiana and michigan, june 2011.on june 20, 2011, the indiana department of homeland security notified the indiana state department of health (isdh) of an indiana fire station that reported gastrointestinal illness among a substantial percentage of their workers, causing missed workdays and one hospitalization as a result of cryptosporidiosis. all ill firefighters had responded to a barn fire in michigan, 15 miles from the michigan-indiana border on june 6; responding firefighters from michigan also had become ill. isdh immedi ...201222398843
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