inactivation of cryptosporidium parvum under chlorinated recreational water conditions.cryptosporidium is a chlorine-resistant protozoan parasite and the etiological agent in many disinfected recreational water outbreaks. while previous studies have reported disinfection ct values for cryptosporidium parvum using sodium hypochlorite, these studies have employed conditions and procedures which are not ideal for establishing public health remediation recommendations for chlorinated recreational water venues. in the present study, free chlorine ct values were measured at ph 7.5 using ...200818401116
survey for protozoan parasites in eastern oysters (crassostrea virginica) from the gulf of maine using pcr-based assays.protozoan pathogens represent a serious threat to oyster aquaculture, since they can lead to significant production loses. moreover, oysters can concentrate human pathogens through filter feeding, thus putting at risk raw oyster consumers' health. using pcr-based assays in oysters (crassostrea virginica) from maine, we expand the northeast range in the usa for the protozoans perkinsus marinus, perkinsus chesapeaki, and haplosporidium nelsoni, and report for the first time the detection of the hu ...201525889457
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