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[an outbreak of waterborne cryptosporidiosis in kanagawa, japan].an outbreak of diarrhea due to infection with cryptosporidium occurred among the staff members and customers who visited one of the 10 public houses or a dancing school in a building in hiratsuka, kanagawa prefecture, at the end of summer in 1994. the epidemiological surveys by a questionnaire revealed that 461 out of 736 persons investigated complained of cholera-like or flu-like illness. the clinical manifestations included mucous and/or watery diarrhea (96.7%), abdominal pain (61.6%), fever ( ...19968851385
prevalence of cryptosporidium parvum infections in weaned piglets and fattening porkers in kanagawa prefecture, japan.fecal samples from 232 weaned piglets (1 and 3 months old) and 252 fattening porkers (6 months old) in 8 stock-raising farms located in kanagawa prefecture, japan, from june 1998 to june 2000 were examined to determine the prevalence of cryptosporidium infection. detection of oocysts was performed using the ethyl acetate fecal concentration method and immunofluorescent staining. c. parvum oocysts were identified in 77 (33.2%) 1-3 months old weaned piglets from four farms. the odds of excreting a ...200111326125
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