molecular identification of cryptosporidium parvum from avian hosts.cryptosporidium species are protozoan parasites that infect humans and a wide variety of animals. this study was aimed at identifying cryptosporidium species and genotypes isolated from avian hosts. a total of 90 samples from 37 different species of birds were collected throughout a 3-month period from april 2008 to june 2008 in the national zoo of kuala lumpur, malaysia. prior to molecular characterization, all samples were screened for cryptosporidium using a modified ziehl-neelsen staining te ...201121232175
parasitic infections in malaysia: changing and challenges.a total of 1,885 blood and stool samples of four main protozoan parasitic infections were retrospectively reviewed from january, 2000 to april, 2004. eleven of the 1,350 stool samples were shown positive for cryptosporidium and giardia infections; one of the 5 cases was clinically diagnosed as gastrointestinal cryptosporidiosis, while 6 cases were giardiasis. in patients with giardiasis, children were among the high-risk groups, making up 66.7% of these patients. the common presenting signs and ...200516438180
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