intestinal parasites in malaysian children with this prospective study, we examined stool specimens from children with cancer receiving chemotherapy who were admitted for fever to the universiti sains malaysia hospital in kota baru, kelantan. stool specimens were examined for ova and cysts of parasites. over a period of 15 months, there were 129 febrile episodes in 50 children with cancer and, in all, 237 stool specimens were examined. sixty-six per cent of febrile episodes were associated with neutropenia and 9 per cent were associated wi ...199910467838
low prevalence of cryptosporidium parvum in hospitalized children in kota bharu, malaysia.the aim of this prospective study was to determine the prevalence of cryptosporidium parvum in hospitalized children in kota bharu, malaysia. over a 19 month study period, 258 stool samples were examined from 159 children; 109 with diarrhea and 50 controls without diarrhea. modified ziehl-neelsen staining method and a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay were used to detect c. parvum and the samples were also examined for the presence of other intestinal parasites. only 1 of the 109 (0.9%) chil ...200111556583
detection of cryptosporidium parvum in hiv-infected patients in malaysia using a molecular approach.this cross-sectional study determined the prevalence of cryptosporidiosis in hiv-infected patients using polymerase chain reaction (pcr). stool specimens were collected from hiv infected patients who were admitted to hospital raja perempuan zainab ii, kota bharu, malaysia, for various indications from december 2004 to december 2005. a modified acid-fast stain was performed on the direct stool smears, then the stool specimens were further tested using nested pcr targeting the 18s rrna gene of cry ...200818564692
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