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diarrheal disease in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus in bangkok, thailand.diarrheal disease and its associated morbidities occur frequently in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) and may be associated with a decreased quality of life. we studied the spectrum of symptoms, measures of nutritional status, and the enteric pathogens associated with diarrheal disease in a group of 24 patients infected with hiv in bangkok, thailand compared with a group of 19 patients infected with hiv without diarrhea cared for at the same clinic. patients with diarrhe ...199910344668
zoonotic species of cryptosporidium are as prevalent as the anthroponotic in hiv-infected patients in thailand.the epidemiology of chronic diarrhoea in adults with late-stage hiv infection was investigated in a prospective study in bangkok, thailand. during this investigation, 34 cryptosporidium isolates were obtained from the faeces of 36 patients, with mean cd4(+) counts of only 14 x 10(6) cd4(+) cells/litre (range = 2 x 10(6) - 53 x 10(6)/litre), who had symptomatic cryptosporidiosis. genotyping of these isolates, by rflp analysis and dna sequencing of the hypervariable region of the 18s rrna gene, in ...200212625934
antibiotic prescription for adults with acute diarrhea at king chulalongkorn memorial hospital, thailand, acute diarrhea is one of the most common problems among ambulatory patients at the outpatient department (opd). overuse of antibiotics is associated with increased rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, unnecessary increased cost of treatment, and significant incidence of adverse effects. in thailand, how frequently antibiotic is prescribed in adult patients with acute diarrhea is not known.201121675442
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