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molecular prevalence of cryptosporidium spp. in dairy calves in southern states of india.dung samples were collected from dairy calves of south indian states viz., andhra pradesh, karnataka, kerala, tamil nadu and union territory, puducherry and are subjected to nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr) targeting 18s rrna gene for detection of cryptosporidium infection. of the 459 dung samples screened 182 were found positive with a prevalence of 39.65%. highest prevalence of cryptosporidium was observed in puducherry (86.67%) and lowest in kerala (17.65%). genotyping by pcr-restrictio ...201222459107
prevalence of intestinal parasitic infestation in hiv/aids patients with diarrhea in madurai city, south india.the prevalence and pattern of parasitic infestation among 80 hiv/aids patients with diarrhea in madurai, south india, was studied by microscopy. eighty hiv-negative patients were used as controls. intestinal parasites were detected in 31 hiv/aids patients (38.7%) and in 14 (17.5%) hiv-negative patients, a difference that was statistically significant (p < 0.05). in hiv/aids patients with diarrhea, protozoa accounted for the majority of diarrhea cases (entamoeba spp. 37.5%, cryptosporidium parvum ...200717642535
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