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asymptomatic cryptosporiosis in a periurban slum setting in kolkata, india--a pilot study.we report the results of a prospective study conducted among asymptomatic children of slum dwellers in kolkata, eastern india, to assess the prevalence of cryptosporidium parvum during the period of october 2002 to july 2003. of the 609 fecal samples examined, c. parvum was detected in 14 (2.3%). the study indicated that poor sanitary conditions may be cofactors for the cryptosporidial disease burden among slum dwellers. the implications of asymptomatic infections have been discussed.200515858292
molecular characterization and assessment of zoonotic transmission of cryptosporidium from dairy cattle in west bengal, india.few studies in the past have examined the genetic diversity and zoonotic potential of cryptosporidium in dairy cattle in india. to assess the importance of these animals as a source of human cryptosporidium infections, fecal samples from 180 calves, heifers and adults and 51 farm workers on two dairy farms in west bengal, india were genotyped by pcr-rflp analysis of the 18s rrna gene of cryptosporidium followed by dna sequencing of the pcr products. phylogenetic analysis was carried out on the d ...201020356678
genotyping of cryptosporidium parvum isolates in bovine population in kolkata and characterization of new bovine genotypes.cryptosporidium infection may have adverse effect in health and production potential of cattle herd. the exact profile of cryptosporidium infection in bovine population of india in general, particularly from kolkata is scarce. we here report systematic investigation of clinical and genetic profiling of promiscuous cryptosporidium infection in selected representative cattle farms from kolkata as well as some surrounding local areas. the current study was conducted in the period of october to sept ...201121316723
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