myxobolus sp: a possible new opportunistic parasite in immunocompromized patients in ismailia.during a study on intestinal parasitic infections in immunocompromized patients complaining of diarrhoea, a parasite belonging to the phylum myxozoa described from human samples was identified in three stool samples out of eleven. on staining with modified ziehl-neelsen stain the spores were identified. they were pyriform in shape with an average size 14.0 micro x 10.0 micro. every spore has thick wall and one suture in the anterior third followed by two polar capsules. each polar capsule has ab ...200415587318
studies on zoonotic cryptosporidiosis parvum in ismailia governorate, egypt.a total of 390 stool samples from children less than 8 years old attending the mohp central hospital in ismailia district were examined for cryptosporidiosis. stools were subjected to direct wet smear method and sheather's sugar flotation and stained with modified z.n. among the 390 children 204 were diarrheic of whom c. parvum was positive in 68 (33.3%). the highest infection rate was 26/46 among children less than 2 months, 40/150 among children less than 2 years and 2/8 among children less th ...200919795755
molecular epidemiology of cryptosporidium in livestock animals and humans in the ismailia province of egypt.the zoonotic potential of cryptosporidium was studied in one of the most densely populated provinces of egypt regarding livestock and people. in a representative survey, faecal samples from cattle, buffalo and stool samples from diarrhoeic children (<10 years) were investigated. parameters assumed to be related to cryptosporidiosis were recorded for animals and children. animal samples (804) were examined by the copro-antigen rida(®)quick test, followed by pcrs targeting the 18s rdna and gp60 ge ...201223305974
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