diarrhea due to parasites particularly cryptosporidium parvum in great cairo, egypt.a total of 110 stool samples from out and in-patients from different areas in great cairo suffering from diarrhea were examined for parasitic causes. stool samples were subjected to the direct wet smear method and sheather's sugar flotation and stained with giemsa and/or modified ziehl-neelsen. also, stool samples were cultured on agar plates for strongyloidiasis. the overall parasitic infection rate was 60.9% and non parasitic cause was 39.1%. the parasitic infection rate in a descending order ...201021246951
detection of cryptosporidium parvum and cryptosporidium hominis in human patients in cairo, egypt.cryptosporidium is a significant cause of diarrheal disease in developing and industrialized nations. cryptosporidium hominis and cryptosporidium parvum are the main agents of cryptosporidiosis in humans. in egypt, very little is known about genetic structure of cryptosporidium spp. therefore, this study was designed to examine samples from sporadic cases of cryptosporidiosis in egyptians in order to identify the species involved in infection as well as the transmission dynamics and distribution ...201121607688
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