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multilocus genetic analysis of cryptosporidium parvum from egypt.cryptosporidium parvum is a ubiquitous zonootic parasite causing enteritis in man and animals. cryptosporidium infection was confirmed microscopically in neonatal calves (less than 6 weeks of age) at kafr el sheikh province, egypt. multilocus analysis using a wide array of genetic markers was carried out to assess genetic diversity of c. parvum isolates. pcr amplification and partial sequence analysis of 70 kda heat shock protein, dihydrofolate reductase, alpha-tubulin, elongation factor 1 alpha ...201020625766
molecular and phylogenetic analyses of cryptosporidium spp from dairy cattle in egypt.cryptosporidium infections in cattle result in considerable'economic loss as well as a significant source for zoonotic infection. this study was devoted to spot analysis on cryptosporidium parasites derived from dairy cattle at kafr el sheikh province, egypt, using morphological and molecular tools. fecal specimens from neonatal calves as well as adult cattle were screened for cryptosporidium oocysts using modified ziehl-neelsen technique. oocysts in positive samples were concentrated using suga ...201021246942
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